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The following is a list of specifications that you will need to know to accurately replace your existing flighting.
Use this guide, and then contact our trained professional staff
for that extra service in getting you just what you need


PITCH is the distance from one flight to the next measured parallel to the shaft

O.D. (Outside Diameter) should be 3/4" to 1" less than the tube it is going into

 I.D. (Inside diameter) is the hole in the middle of the flighting into which the center shaft inserts.
When replacing flighting on an existing auger the most accurate way to measure this is to put a caliper on
the old shaft. Measuring tapes are NOT accurate enough to achieve a snug fit

THICKNESS of the flighting is measured where the flighting meets the shaft.
That is the thickest part of the flighting. Most sizes we stock are in both standard and heavy duty

LENGTH is the overall length to the nearest foot.
All of our flighting is sold in 5 foot lengths for ease in shipping.

ROTATION (left or right hand)


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