What flighting is "typical"??
There is not "typical" or "standard" flighting. Right Hand flighting is more common in some areas but it is completely dependent on the application. Left hand flighting is quite common in combine applications, but is not exclusive.
See what I mean?

If I give you the model and serial number of my equipment, can you tell me what I need?
We are not the original manufacturer and therefore do not have original manufacturers manuals and parts books.
We do however have a wealth of experience and knowledge of major equipment manufactured and the replacement flighting required

Do you carry Stainless Steel flighting?
We do not stock Stainless Steel as part of our in house inventory, however we CAN provide it.
The cost of SS is quite high so, unless it is a food grade application you may want to look at some of our "in house" alternatives.

How do I tell the difference between left hand and right hand flighting?
For this one I will refer you to    how to order flighting

How do I place/pay for an order?
You can place an order using the contact form on this website or use the toll free phone #.
We accept Visa/MasterCard, though for security reasons we do not suggest you send your credit card information in an email.

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